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Do you absolutely know that you were born for something bigger?

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Live Life On Your Own Terms


Ivan here.

Let me say this: There's nothing random in the Universe. There is a reason why you are reading the words that you are reading right now.

I don't have the slightest idea what that reason is - and it doesn't matter. What matters is that there are no random things...

I am not going to take much of your time... and my excitement isn't allowing me to hold it any longer anyway.

So let me just get this out of my system...

If you are someone who is done with mediocrity, fear, doubt, hesitation, playing small, holding back

...stifling the greatness in you because it's just too much to bear to know that you are meant for so much more but you are not expressing it in the world, then welcome to the Life Mastery Alliance!

Trust me when tell you I know exactly how it feels to know that you were born for more and to not be living it, to be settling for an "average" life...

And to feel alone... so alone!

Let me tell you my story:

I remember this so vividly. It was June 2016.

I was sitting at my home desk, computer in front of me, head in my two hands. I'm sitting there overwhelmed by incredibly strong feelings of wasted youth, wasted life, of confusion, of not knowing, of..

Having to admit to myself that regardless of my big dreams I wasn't meant for a big life!

And, as I was sitting there, marinating in my own misery, I suddenly realized - this time really realized - that I absolutely have a choice, I could absolutely make a powerful decision, and I was a decision away from turning my life around.

But I didn't know how.

I've already tried everything I knew. Nothing worked!

That's why I was where I was!

So, I did the best next thing...

I remembered an old rule that said,

"Show me your 5 closest friends and I'll show you your future."

So, as I last resort, I decided that I have to go out there and find those people that - just like me - absolutely refuse settle for anything less in life but greatness..

Those people that are Absolutely and Categorically determined that living small is not for them!

So, I bought myself a ticket to a "greatness" convention. I met those people there. I met my first coach there.

And, I was on my way - on a search of myself... this time digging dipper than ever before.

It took a while but little by little I got clearer and clearer and clearer about

Why I was here - my Purpose

What I absolutely love doing - and what am I actually called to do

What provides meaning to my day... and to my life

I am still chipping away at this - it's a constant work, you know?! It's like going to the gym regularly because once you stop the gains are difficult to keep. But, the more you go the better and the fitter you get!

Same with this stuff - self-knowledge. The more you do it, the more you refine your own Values, Core Beliefs, Personal Philosophy.

And, the more you connect with others on a deep, deep level - because

You come to a place where you know what you stand for, and they know what you stand for, too.

Once you are there magic really begins to appear in your reality!

You start noticing that people feel better around you. Not because you make them feel better, but because they like how they themselves feel around you.

You, in effect, become like a mirror for them to look at and to see what they themselves could be and look like, if they made that same choice you did.

You begin to empower people with just your presence

And, you don't have to say much. You don't have to talk about yourself. You don't even have to talk about what you do. People, just like to be around you.

Your level of FREEDOM becomes contagious

That's what I personally experienced not long ago - and continue to experience to this day.

And, suddenly, I found myself wanting to provide for others what I've got for myself. I knew that there many, many others just like me out there..

People who feel the call to be, do, have, and create more in life

But, don't know how to answer this call.

Or even worse, they know but they aren't answering the call because they are frozen by fear and have crawled in their own hole that many call the comfort zone!

And, I wanted to personally help these people to - just like me - start moving away from fear, doubt, and confusion and

Move into Freedom, Clarity, Power, and Choice

So, that they can self-actualize

So that they can be the Directors of their own lives

So that they can personally - with their own hands - paint the picture of their own life

Instead of other people painting on their canvas!

So, I truly wanted that!

But, there was a problem!

I didn't know how to reach many people all at once.

And, then it dawned on me: 

I must create an alliance for all these people who want everything from life but don't know how to get it.

And, I must put in there my entire knowledge so that others won't have to go through what I went through.

I had to find all the different sources and figure out how to assemble all the pieces together myself. I wanted to shorten the path for those after me.

That's why I created the Life Mastery Alliance

The Life Mastery Alliance is a Community of highly-motivated, like-minded individuals of all walks of life, who are united by one goal:

Live my best life and nothing less!

We play on two platforms:

  • check
    A Members-Only Area where all the Life Mastery Courses, Interviews, Trainings, Success books are, and
  • check
    A Closed Facebook group - a tightly-knit community, a source of support, accountability, and ongoing training

That is also where I stream the Life Mastery Nuggets.

It's where we have our AMA (ask me anything) / Members Hot Seat.

That's also where we have our weekly Growth Challenges

And, where we have our Monthly Mastermind.

Here's a good list of what's going on in the Life Mastery Alliance...

What You Are Getting With The Life Mastery Alliance membership...

  • Weekly Facebook Live Growth Challenges (growth lecture + challenges for the week) with Ivan ($ 500/mo. value)

In the Weekly Growth Challenges, we tackle important foundational growth principles, like Decision, Purpose, Mindset, Choice, Clarity, etc.

There are a dozen or so areas of growth that I’ve identified that if any one of them is missing success is pretty much out of the question. It’s the reason why most people experience themselves as “stuck”.

The Weekly Growth Challenges are recorded and available to new members in the membership area.

  • Weekly AMA (ask me anything) / Members Hot Seat (live coaching) with Ivan ($ 700/mo. value)

AMA is your opportunity to basically ask me anything without regards what it is related to – professional life, personal life, ways of being, strategies, whatever. No filters applied. I will tell it the way it is!

The Members Hot Seat is your unique opportunity to literally get one-on-one coaching with me. You ask about a challenge that you are having and we get that tackled right there on the spot. It’s like being my one-on-one client for the moment — without having to pay the thousands that it takes to be a private client of mine!! This by itself is enormously valuable!

  • Monthly Mastermind ($ 350/mo. value)

Once a month, current members get to jump on a Zoom video meeting and share their current obstacles and barriers from their professional or personal life. I, and/or other members and coaches then take the mic and provide valuable feedback and advice.

This is like free one-on-one coaching! You get to experience that once a month!

  • A library of Video Courses that are available separately for hundreds of dollars each ($ 497 value)

The Library of Courses is a treasure!

First, you have the Dream Declare Deliver (which I sell separately for $197) that will guide you through zeroing in on your Noble Purpose, on your Joy – what you really love doing (so that you don’t have to work another day in your life), how to create a plan of action for getting your Purpose and your Joy in motion, and finally, how to sustain the forward momentum! Priceless!

Next, you have the Procrastination Annihilation course – how to address procrastination and hesitation through Productivity prioritization, Awareness and Focus. Also, priceless!

Next, the Body Reboot Bootcamp – an 8-week lifestyle program for healthy living (sold separately for $297) – and rapid fat loss, if needed – that will set you on your Mindset, Nutrition, Training (home or gym) that will support you in getting to your ideal weight and body, and then maintaining this fitness level for life (I have been living the exact same way for the last 5 years and I have no reason to believe that anything’s going to change in the future! This is basically my lifestyle. That’s how I live! No restrictive diets, no long workouts!)

  • Life Mastery Nuggets – short Facebook Live videos with Life Mastery wisdom from Ivan ($197/mo. value)

These short Live Streams ARE real nuggets! I usually come in with a message that I think has the potential to alter your view of the world… or your Reality! And, since the “nuggets” are Live you can even pop in and message a question in and have me answer while I’m Live!

  • Members-only Online Live Trainings and Webinars ($ 250/mo. value)

I come in with special Live Trainings for our members only usually on a topic that has a direct applicability in life and in pursuit of success and fulfillment. We go not only into the Concepts but also into the Strategies and the Tactics, as well. You won’t want to miss these!

  • Early “uncut” Interviews with experts, authors, and celebrities (Priceless!)

I am a student of Success (all ways of defining it), Achievement (I am a high Achiever myself) and Fulfillment (that’s what we all are ultimately after!). I go out and find those people who have attained all of those and I study them. You get to study them with me through these Interviews!

And, let me just say, I do find the successful people, okay… One if the interviews is with one of the Sharks in Shark Tank – Kevin Harrington, and another is with one is with the Master Chef Graham Elliot!

  • Audio Books (Priceless!)

The classics of Success and Achievement are there: “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. You can listen to these on your phone while you do other stuff – and, literally, indoctrinate yourself with the laws of Success and Prosperity).

Even the read-only version of “The Law of Success” by Napoleon Hill, which is the real version of Think And Grow Rich (Think And Grow Rich is the watered down version of The Law of Success!)

  • Bonus videos ($ 47 value)

“Build Your Own Vision” is a bonus video that helps you gain Clarity (it’s all about Clarity really) about where you see yourself in the future and how exactly you see yourself there! This is critically important because if you don’t know where you are going you will never get there! It’s like putting a target on the wall so you can now aim at it. Most people don’t have a target on the wall! Not you and not me!

  • And tons more

I’m not describing everything here. Let’s just say that I believe in the saying, “Underpromise, overdeliver”.

And, here are some of the topics that we explore in the Life Mastery Alliance...

Mindset + Purpose + Money / Wealth + Health + Success + Achievement + Fulfillment + Self-Knowledge + Beliefs + Emotional Intelligence + Happiness + Relationships + Spirituality + Frequency/Energy

I know that you are not here to read lists and hear about features. Who cares about features anyway?!

You care about what's in it for you, don't you?!

Of course! And, you should! Absolutely! I'd be the same way!

So, here are the RESULTS that you can expect to get...

What You Can Expect...(The Results)

  • Tune into your True Self
  • Get clear on your Purpose - the reason why are you here
  • Begin to displace Fear and Doubt
  • Find your True voice and begin to share your True message
  • Answer the call to Be, Do, and Have more
  • Achieve Financial Freedom and live life on your own terms
  • Conquer Procrastination, increase Productivity and Focus
  • Find your "home" and create lasting Relationships with other highly-driven achievers
  • Receive constant Training and Support in order to move toward your life goals with urgency
  • Find your place on this planet and start working on your Legacy
  • All of this for only $97 $47 (Total value: $2,541)

(Total value: $2,541) $97/mo  $47/mo. Cancel anytime from your Members Account. No contract.

And, that wasn't a complete list of the result either!

But, I know that if you've read that far down the page you don't want me to be going on and on forever.

So, let me do what I'm here to do - besides celebrating you...

To officially invite you to become a member of the Life Mastery Alliance

This is my offer to you:

The original price to join the Life Mastery Alliance is $97/mo.

But, that's not the price that you are going to pay!

I am slashing this in half - yes, in half - to ONLY $47/mo!


Because I want to! Why should there be a special reason for that? I just want to, and I can. Period.

Let me tell you this:

That's an unbelievable deal, considering that you are getting $2.5K in value immediately!

But, that's still not all!

I want to invite you to join the Life Mastery Alliance - with FULL ACCESS to everything - for 7 days for FREE!

And, if you don't like it for whatever reason you don't have to stay. You can cancel anytime. You don't even have to send me an email - you can do that from your account!

But, I know that you are going to want to stay because...

Life is too short to mess around and not take decisive action so that you can step on the path to your best future!

So, click on the big orange button below and start your FREE 7-day trial now!

(Total value: $2,541) $97/mo  $47/mo. Cancel anytime from your Members Account. No contract.

If you are still reading, that means you have a bit of resistance going on somewhere in your body. I am not sure what the source of that could be but I don't have to know either.

So, let me make this even more compelling...

I am also giving you two incredible bonuses just for joining us. They will be waiting for you in the Members-only area as soon as you join, so you can start digging into whatever you like - BONUSES INCLUDED!

Here is what else I've got for you...






Lose all the extra weight without even trying and maintain your "normal weight" for a lifetime... I have used this lifestyle approach to stay in top shape for 9 years now!

And, there's no reason for me to believe that that's going to stop working for me!!!

This $297 training is included for free with your membership... in the next few days only!




Discover your Vision - where you see yourself 5, 7, 10, 15 years ago. "Build" your Ideal Self! Put the "target" on the wall so that you know where you are aiming!

This video is priceless! If you don't know where you are heading to you will never get there!!!




Regardless whether you are shy or outgoing, introvert or extrovert the two simple scripts in this video training will literally revolutionize how you view approaching strangers! 

Not only is it going to be effortless to approach a stranger (opposite sex, included!) and start a conversation, but they are going to love you for asking them these powerful questions!


Because, you will give them a chance to learn about themselves... while you are getting to know them!

This video is priceless! If you find it difficult - or outright impossible - to approach someone from the opposite sex - this video training will make this effortless!

Ready? Awesome! Click on the orange button below and start your FREE 7-day trial!

(Total value: $2,541) $97/mo  $47/mo. Cancel anytime from your Members Account. No contract.

Still a bit of resistance? That's totally okay. I've been there. I know the feeling.

So how about that...

If for some reason - or any reason really, or no reason at all - you are not absolutely ecstatic and totally happy in the Life Mastery Alliance - I will refund your money during the first 30 days.

And, I'll happily do that because I only want happy members who are getting what they want and are stepping out of fear, doubt, confusion, and hesitation from Day 1.

Here's my official guarantee for you...


This is my promise to you: If for any reason you are not happy with your Life Mastery Membership I will issue a full refund of your monthly fee. I only want happy Life Mastery Travelers in the Life Mastery Community! Simply let me know that you want your money back before the first 30-day period is over and that's it. Simple and easy stuff.

There you have it. I absorb all the risk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Let me repeat that...

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Click on the orange button below and start your 7-day FREE trial!

(Total value: $2,541) $97/mo  $47/mo. Cancel anytime from your Members Account. No contract.

What Others Are Saying About The Life Mastery Alliance...


"You become who you surround yourself with." So, for me as a new member of this community who is just starting out in the coaching world, it means a lot to have access to such a poweful team of new and experienced coaches. Having just joined a few days ago, I haven’t seen many tangible results, yet, but it’s only a matter of time – and consistency in putting into action what I’m learning – until they show up.

I love that this is such an active group of kindhearted fellow coaches who uplift and support each other with real tried & tested knowledge (no platitudes!) and who are also willing to share their own struggles in a very open way. Plus, there’s tons of helpful course materials and "goodies" available to all members.

I’m blessed to be a part of this community!

Anita Seehof Translator & Coach

Practical Tools for Life Mastery brings people together and provides great content for building the skills to live an intentional and fulfilled life.

Chad Elbert Structural Lab Manager

I launched a coaching business alongside my counseling practice as I broke through limting beliefs of fear and self-doubt.

I love mastermind Saturday! I love asking questions about my coaching business and getting awesome coaching and feedback in the group. I love the positive energy.

This is an supportive group of intentional people who are committed to living life at their fullest potential.

Crystal Derstine Member

The Life Mastery Alliance is a magnification of our lives. I'm talking about the juicy meaningful parts of our lives, that are sometimes hard to look at and to experience, however when we dive into these parts with love in our heart we are thrown into the being of our true selves and this is where real transformation happens.

Christopher Kent Ambassador/Lighthouse

Ivan's coaching has pushed me past my own limiting beliefs and he has taught me to grow to become my best self through encouragement and willingness to listen and help me overcome obstacles.

Bonnie Casey Adult Medicine Clinic